A picture of Betz DeMonico demonstraing an artistic silks trick

Elizabeth “Betz” DeMonico began dancing at age 12 in her home state of Iowa. She received her classical training at the University of Iowa. She toured throughout Europe and Asia for more than 15 years, following that with a number of years as a choreographer, teacher, and performer in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In 2006, Ms. DeMonico settled in Texas, where she founded the Dance and Aerial programs at The John Cooper School in The Woodlands, Texas. That same year, she and her husband, Joe DeMonico, founded The Piccolo Theater Company. Since that time, they have written, designed, built, choreographed, produced, and directed over 35 summer camp productions, as well as 5 successful professional dance theater productions.

Ms. DeMonico has over 35 years experience as a professional performer, dancer, choreographer, and designer. Throughout her career, she has fostered strong relationships with masters in the aerial community. Ms. DeMonico has helped start aerial and dance programs nationwide, most notably planting the seeds for the aerial program for the National Dance Academy in Iowa. In addition, Ms. DeMonico takes a select group of students to Las Vegas each year to train with professionals in the aerial and circus world. The list of master instructors includes current Cirque du Soleil performers and coaches.


A picture of Allyson McWilliams

Allyson McWilliams

Allyson started taking Aerial Silks classes with Mrs. Betz when she was in 5th grade and began Aerial Lyra in middle-school. She has had the opportunity to travel to both Los Angelas and Las Vegas to participate in workshops and classes put on by professional aerialists in Cirque Du Soleil. Allyson travelled to Iowa with Ms. Demonico to help start an aerial program at the National Dance Academy. Allyson has worked with the Piccolo Theater Company, The World Champions Centre, and Maximum Athletics. She is currently am a student at Texas A&M University and is planning to continue her work in the Aerial Arts.

A picture of Cassidy Sellers

Cassidy Sellers

Cassidy Sellers discovered her love for aerial silks during her sophomore year of high school. Cassidy has performed dance, silks, lyra, and cube in the annual Life! shows. She has also performed at local events for the Woodlands Arts Council, CASA, the American Heart Association, and the Inspire Film Festival. During her time at The John Cooper School, Cassidy was a member of the John Cooper Aerial Dance Company (ADC) under the direction of Elizabeth DeMonico. Cassidy has had the extraordinary experience of travelling to Las Vegas to train with Cirque due Soleil performers. For the last two summers, Cassidy has been a silks camp counselor and coached silks classes at World Champions Center and AIM Athletics.

Dana Hammarstrom

Dana trained aerial silks with Mrs. Demonico for five years and was a member of the Aerial Dance Company while studying at The John Cooper School. She currently trains and performs in Boston, where she attends university.

A picture of Grayson Sloop

Grayson Sloop

Grason started learning silks as a seventh grader and has been training in the advanced aerial class ever since. She has trained under the instruction of Cirque du Soliel performers in Las Vegas in addition to her work in The Woodlands with Elizabeth DeMonico. Grayson was the Assistant Director for Lyra in the ADC class which provided her opportunities to share her passion for silks with her peers. A veteran counselor, Grayson has been working with the Piccolo Camps for years.

A picture of Kate Fisher

Kate Fisher

Kate has been training in Aerial Silks for six years and this will be her fourth year as part of the advanced aerial program at The John Cooper School. Kate has spent three summers working with Cirque de Soleil performers in Las Vegas and as been assisting Elizabeth DeMonico with the Aerial camps for three. Kate has performed with the Aerial Dance Company for events such as American Heart Association fundraisers, CASA, VIP Woodlands Art Counsel events, and the Inspire Film Festival. Kate is a senior at The John Cooper School and hopes to continue her aerial training when she goes to college.


A girl demonstrating an artistic silks trick in The Woodlands Texas

AERIAL FORZA seeks to implement a universal and foundational program (system) in the aerial arts, applicable to students, teachers and performers in the artistic community.

AERIAL FORZA believes that safety is the basis for training while employing accepted, proven techniques and practices through disciplined and focused instruction.

AERIAL FORZA teaches child and adult aerial silks classes at World Champions Center. Private lessons are also available at AIM Athletics by request. Contact Us for more information!


Children smiling happily after doing aerial art training

Summer Aerial Camps

Camp dates are coming soon!


Aerial Camp includes instruction in aerial technique, basic tumbling, acrobatics, dance, and flexibility. Silks is a physically challenging art form that builds coordination and strength. Aerial Camp is offered to students entering Fifth Grade through High School. Camp participants will work together to build a thrilling routine to be performed in the afternoon on the last day of camp. Due to the intense nature of silks, the camp is limited to 30 participants. AGES: 10 and Up


All students should wear fitted leggings that are capri length or longer. All students should wear a leotard and a fitted shirt that covers the arms. All students should wear tennis shoes to camp (NO sandals)

Lunch and Snacks

Students must bring their own lunch daily. Students must stay on campus during lunch break. A teacher will be present at all times. Please provide a snack for break time and labeled water bottle for your child. Due to the fact that we have children attending with severe peanut allergies, we appreciate you refraining from sending peanut butter products.


Events coming soon!



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